Berlin’s First Electric Bicycle Tours


Join one of our Electric Bicycle Tours and experience our city in a special and unique way.

Discover the city of Berlin using one of our innovative Electric Bicycle, also known as “Pedelecs”. The bikes have an electronic motor which gives you the feeling of driving with constant “tailwind”.


This enables you to effortlessly explore more of the city.

Despite the electronic motor, one still needs to pedal in order to activate the motor. This means you can still enjoy the sensation of biking.

Our guides will talk about the history of Berlin while we stop at various historical spots.

Unlike other bike tours in Berlin, the maximum number of guests we can take is 10. This gives the tour a more personal and private flair.

Through our booking system you can book our  daily tours only in German !!!

We need at least 6 participants for our regular tours in English.

But you can also book our regular tours as a private tour from 230 € (1-4 participants)
280 € ( 5-6 participants)      380 € (7-9 participants)

For guests with the Berlin Welcomecard we need at least 8 participants